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PyCon 2009 India Logo Contest

Please don't upload any more images. We have stopped accepting submissions and have started voting

Rules for Voting

  • Write your login name against the logos you would like to vote.
  • One person can support many logos.
  • Logo with the maximum number of votes wins.
  • Last date for voting will be: 28/May/2009

Encouraging Comment from PSF Chair

If half as much time goes into organizing as goes into developing and choosing a logo this is going to be one heck of a conference ;-) Bear in mind, though, that it isn't the logo that gets people to come back, but the conference content.

It's great to see that the Indian community is moving forward with such gusto. Please let the PSF Board know if you need any assistance. One of my goals as chairman is to encourage Python development globally. I hope that one day soon I will be able to visit India and meet the many people who are investing their time in developing the Indian Python community. SteveHolden

  1. Logo Design by ShrikantGaikwad

  2. Logo Design by PankajNathani

    • PankajNathani.jpg


  3. Logo Design by SreekanthRameshaiah

  4. Logo Design by NoufalIbrahim

    • NoufalIbrahim.png


  5. Logo Design#1 from Smriti
    • Smriti01.jpg


  6. Logo Design#2 from Smriti
    • Smriti02.jpg


  7. Logo Design#3 from Smriti
    • Smriti03.jpg


  8. Logo Design#4 from Smriti
  9. Logo Design#1 from VipinChandran

  10. Logo Design#2 from VipinChandran

    • VipinChandran02.png


  11. Logo Design#3 from VipinChandran

    • VipinChandran03.png


  12. Logo Design#1 from BharathKeshav

  13. Logo Design#2 from BharathKeshav

    • BharathKeshav2_small.jpg


  14. Logo Design#3 from BharathKeshav


  15. Logo Design#4 from BharathKeshav

    • BharathKeshav4_small.jpg


  16. Logo Design#5 from BharathKeshav

    • BharathKeshav5_small.jpg


  17. Logo Design#6 from BharathKeshav

    • BharathKeshav6_small.jpg


    • AnandBPillai
  18. Logo Design by MukulSapre

    • Pycon Logo1_2_by_Mukul.JPG


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