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INPycon 2009

Pycon-India 2009 InPycon is a community conference by the Python developer community. A purely volunteer effort, it is being hosted for the first time in India, and will attract some of the best minds in the world of Free/Libre Source Software.

InPycon-2009 will be held in Bangalore, India, between Saturday,26th September2009 and Sunday 27th September 2009. In true Libre software spirit, INPycon is a volunteer run conference making INPycon2009 reliant on sponsorship to help turn it into a successful and memorable event.

This is the first time that a purely volunteer driven effort by the Indian Python community is organising the conference inside India. It is a great opportunity to present Linux and free/libre source software to schools and colleges in India, and to present India's growing Python industry to the rest of the world.

How To Sponsor INPyCon 2009

INPycon2009 will attract an estimated 200-300 speakers, delegates, volunteers and organisers from the Indian FLOSS community and industry. A large majority of the attendees will identify themselves as Professional Delegates providing strong opportunity to promote your brand to a number of influential business professionals.

In time this will scale into a truly international conference with Python developers and enthusiasts from a variety of backgrounds. Your sponsorship will help keep INPyCon affordable and accessible to the widest possible audience while helping you connect to the sophisticated Python community. A wide variety of sponsorships are available to match your goals and your budget.

Available sponsorships include:

Other opportunities are also available:

Questions? Please contact Noufal Ibrahim <>, the INPyCon coordinator.

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