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Conference Management Board

Put issues and their resolutions here.

Agenda for March 12 (Wednesday) IRC meeting

Time 4pm EST == 1pm PST == 22:00 in much of Europe.


Guido (chairing and taking notes here), Aahz, Brett Cannon, Tripp Lilley, Chris Armstrong, Bob Payne, Itamar.


Guido doesn't have much new info yet, the caterers will get back to him on Friday. Looks like pricing is somewhere between $15 - $25 depending on how fancy we want. Guido will decide this based upon projected registration.

On-site registration process

Need a volunteer to plan & coordinate. Tripp Lilley and Bob Payne volunteer to do this together, and will make a plan. They will post it to the mailing list this week.

On-site network

Tripp is volunteering to coordinate this as well; he's planning a site visit Friday.


Not much else needed immediate attention.

Agenda for Feb 26th IRC meeting

Members may access the transcript -- SH


feedback/approval of logo/shirt design

Shop URL:

Alternative color schemes:

Logo and color scheme approved. URL to channge to so store can serve as general Python merch store.

cafepress store, free or premium?

Free store only allows one product of each type (one white t-shirt, one grey t-shirt, etc.). Premium store allows unlimited products and designs, and costs $6.95/month.

Free store under WebMaven control reporting firectly to PSF and producing donations, hopefully deductible

All merch to have a $2 donation added to price

Bag stuffing and handout preparation


Web proceedings

editing and publication

integration of electronic slides

Venue staffing


On-site network hardware

On-Site Computer Hardware

There is a possibility of borrowing a number of laptops from Learning Tree International.

Press Passes


Topics for Next Agenda

There being no other business the meeting closed at 17:42 EST


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