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''Free store under WebMaven control reporting firectly to PSF and producing donations, hopefully deductible''
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 o SponsorRelations

 o PressRelations

 o EmergencyInstructions

 o PromiseKeepers

 o LocalKnowledge

 o VenueLiaison

 o CateringCorps

 o VolunteerManagers

 o AvailableVolunteers

 o PyConGopher

 O RegistrationManager [PSF interest here ...]

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Agenda for Feb 26th IRC meeting

Maybe we can turn this into minutes by adding annotations under each heading? -- SH


feedback/approval of logo/shirt design

Shop URL: http://www.cafeshops.com/pycon1

Alternative color schemes: [http://www.michaelbernstein.com/logo-3-colors.jpg]

cafepress store, free or premium?

Free store only allows one product of each type (one white t-shirt, one grey t-shirt, etc.). Premium store allows unlimited products and designs, and costs $6.95/month.

Free store under WebMaven control reporting firectly to PSF and producing donations, hopefully deductible

Bag stuffing and handout preparation


Web proceedings

editing and publication

integration of electronic slides

Registration desk staffing


On-site network hardware

On-Site Computer Hardware

There is a possibility of borrowing a number of laptops from Learning Tree International.

Press Passes

  • Would it do any good to ask ForeTec? What about the PBF Press List o ? (Python Journal)

    • The only press coverage of IPC10?
    o Paula Ferguson (O'Reilly)
    • Personally in favor: good relationship for OsCon

    O Py
    • ?
    o ?

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