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 * Bill Zingler

TurboGears Sprint at PyCon

We're going to be building up new features and squashing stubborn bugs at the TurboGears Sprint at PyCon. This sprint will come after the first TurboGears 0.9 release happens and will be a good chance to fix things up for 1.0 and start on features that will land post-1.0.

Experienced Python (and/or JavaScript!) programmers are welcome. Even without prior experience with TurboGears, there will be plenty you can contribute.

Discussion about this sprint will take place on the [http://groups.google.com/group/turbogears-sprint turbogears-sprint@googlegroups.com] mailing list.


At least some of the folks will be there all 4 days! A good time will be had by all.


  • Docudo
  • template search paths (to make it easy to customize an app you install)
  • Kid error display
  • Kid performance
  • Deployment
  • Running multiple TurboGears applications in-process

  • Running multiple WSGI apps in-process (including looking at the Paste options)
  • Fast Data
  • Widget browser


List your name here if you think you'll make it.

  • Kevin Dangoor
  • DavidStanek

  • Mike Pirnat
  • Tracy Ruggles
  • Mike Orr
  • Anders Pearson
  • MarkRamm

  • Joel Pearson (until Wednesday noon)
  • Arthur McLean

  • Gary Godfrey
  • Bill Zingler

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