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List of tests that are failing in the py3k branch

NOTE: we've switched to a new branch. The old py3k-struni branch is dead. If you have that one checked out, don't update, but issue this command (slightly different for anonymous checkouts): svn switch svn+ssh://


How to run tests

Assume you've got the py3k branch checked out.

NOTE: we've switched to a new branch. The old py3k-struni branch is dead. See the note at the top of this page.

./python Lib/test/ test_foobar  # runs test_foobar
./python Lib/test/   # for more detail about failures

(Some tests need you to use -uall above.)

The Failing Tests


test_email (CosminStejerean - at least some problems seem to be caused by base64MIME, problems with splitting headers into multiple lines - 08/08/07)



Tests Failing Under Stress

A few tests pass normally but fail when run by a debug build using -R4:3:. This runs the test 7 times to detect leaks. The following tests have problems under this mode:

Tests Failing on Some Platforms Only

Failing on 64-bit Platforms Only

test_ossaudiodev (64-bit: ???)

test_shelve (64-bit: ?)

Failing on CYGWIN Only



Other Conditional Failures

test_shelve fails when the default database chosen by anydbm is bsddb. It works with dbm, gdbm and (presumably) with ndbm (all of which are very similar).

Other Code that is Failing

>>> exec('# coding: utf8') Traceback (most recent call last):

SyntaxError: expected string, bytes found

Previously Fixed Tests

python -v crashes due to infinite recursion; FIXED (w. a hack) GvR.

test_aepack (OSX only) FIXED IN SF (but somewhat hackily): JeffreyYasskin 2007-07-26

test_applesingle (OSX only) FIXED IN SF: JeffreyYasskin 2007-07-26

test_audioop: Fixed in r56469. MvL

test_asynchat FIXED IN SF Alexandre Vassalotti. COMMITTED r56290.

test_bigmem FIXED IN SF COMMITTED r56295.

test_bsddb: Fixed in r56754. MvL

test_cmd_line: FIXED IN SF ChristianHeimes -- COMMITTED

test_compile: COMMITTED r56494 GvR.

test_cookielib FIXED IN SF JoeGregorio. COMMITTED r56709 GvR.

test_cpickle: Deleted, with cPickle. Alexandre's SoC work should lead to cPickle becoming invisible (Brett Cannon).

test_cProfile: FIXED IN SF by Amaury Forgeot d'Arc COMMITTED r56406.

test_csv - Adam Hupp <firstname at> 2007-07-21. COMMITTED GvR.

test_ctypes: ThomasHeller: FIXED r56338.

test_ctypes (another failure; Victor Stinner posted a patch to python-3000) COMMITTED r56838 Thomas Heller.

test_curses (add -uall)COMMITTED r56516 GvR.

test_datetime: pickling is broken since r56461, due to cPickle not understanding bytes. Decided the right solution is to stop using cPickle. COMMITTED r56462. GvR.

test_descr GuidoVanRossum: FIXED r56252. test_descr says: ['foo\u1234bar'] slots not caught; FIXED r56470 GvR.

test_dl FIXED IN SF AlexandreVassalotti 2007-07-11 COMMITTED r56288.

test_doctest: Fixed for OSX in r56468, MvL. Fixed for Ubuntu in r56472, Collin Winter.

test_frozen COMMITTED r56503 GvR.

test_ftplib: FIXED IN SF by Amaury Forgeot d'Arc. FIXED differently by GvR.

test_getargs: (amauryfa) I suggest to remove this test. Now that conversion from unicode to char* uses utf8, no error can occur. Deletion COMMITTED r56495 GvR.

test_gettext FIXED IN SF ChristianHeimes. COMMITTED r56292.

test_largefile: converted some string literals to byte literals. COMMITTED r56499 Collin Winter.

test_macostools (OSX only) FIXED IN SF by Jeffrey Yasskin 22 July 2007 COMMITTED r56510 GvR.

test_mailbox FIXED IN SF: Alexandre Vassalotti 20 July 2007. COMMITTED r56474 GvR.

test_mmap JoeGregorio FIXED IN SF COMMITTED r56400.

test_minidom PARTLY FIXED IN SF COMMITTED r56586 GvR. Remaining issue COMMITTED r56587 GvR.

test_old_mailbox FIXED IN SF: Alexandre Vassalotti 20 July 2007. COMMITTED r56474 GvR.

test_pep263 ChristianHeimes FIXED IN WIKI. The fix isn't worth a patch. You have to convert two string to byte by putting a b in front of them. .encode() returns bytes. COMMITTED by ThomasHeller.

test_pickle: started complaining about unhashable type: 'bytes' since MvL's checkin. COMMITTED r56461 GvR.

test_pickletools Pickle doesn't handle str vs. str8 vs. byte correctly. Do we pickle str as UNICODE or STRING? FIXED by GvR.

test_plistlib: [ FIXED IN SF (1769016)] James Brotchie 2007-08-07. COMMITTED by Neal Norwitz.

test_poll Christian Heimes FIXED IN WIKI: Replace MSG = " This is a test." with MSG = b" This is a test." COMMITTED r56285.

test_poplib: needed to change one str literal to a bytes literal in COMMITTED r56498 Collin Winter.

test_pyexpat JoeGregorio FIXED IN SF COMMITTED r56512 GvR.

test_quopri: fixed in r56606.

test_resource: fixed by a change to (ignore errors from flush() in close()) COMMITTED r56496 GvR.

test_scriptpackages: [ FIXED IN SF (1768976)] Antti Rasinen 2007-08-07. COMMITTEG r56800 GvR.

test_sgmllib (passes on Ubuntu, fails on OSX, and on CYGWIN) COMMITTED r56585 GvR.

test_shelve: Requires bsddb to be fixed (Brett Cannon); some work done in r56548. (Abort trap in dbmmodile.c:107.) FIX COMMITTED GvR.

test_socketserver (add -uall) FIXED IN SF Paul Colomiets. COMMITTED r56708 GvR.

test_socket_ssl (only fails when called via regrtest) (FIXED somehow)

test_sqlite Fixed in revision 56902. GerhardHaering. (And 56903, GvR)

test_tarfile: Lars Gustäbel COMMITTED.

test_tcl: COMMITTED r56514 GvR.

test_threaded_import FIXED IN WIKI replace "_os.fdopen" with "" in Lib/ Paul Colomiets <pc at>; COMMITTED r56757.

test_ucn FIXED IN SF: Alexandre Vassalotti 20 July 2007. COMMITTED r56473 GvR.

test_unicode_file: COMMITTED r56625 (Brett Cannon).

test_urllib: COMMITTED r56734 (last of several) (Jeremy Hylton)

test_urllib2: FIXED IN SF JoeGregorio. COMMITTED r56709 gvR.

test_urllib2net (add -uall): MINE Jeremy Hylton 8/04/07 COMMITTED r56837.

test_urllib2_localnet: ISSUE bytes/str issues in BaseHTTPServer and httplib. MINE Jeremy Hylton 08/03/07 FIXED r56905.

test_urllibnet (add -uall): FIX COMMITTED (Jeremy)

test_uu FIXED IN SF ChristianHeimes The patch may fix several other unit tests, too. (A different fix was committed; GvR.)

test_uuid: COMMITTED r56471. GvR.

test_xdrlib: COMMITTED r56549.

test_xml_etree FIXED IN SF JoeGregorio COMMITTED

test_xml_etree_c FIXED IN SF JoeGregorio. COMMITTED by Neal, r56824.

test_xmlrpc: COMMITTED r56609, 56610, and 56626 (Brett Cannon)

test_xpickle: deleted, with cPickle.

test_wave: probably not worth fixing; aren't we going to delete this? Anthony Baxter might want it (Brett Cannon). A fix that makes the test passed was COMMITTED r56515 GvR.

test_wsgiref COMMITTED r56836 GvR.

test_zipimport: FIXED IN SF Paul Colomiets. COMMITTED r56707 GvR.

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