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 * Wichert Akkerman, WSGI and repoze


2 half an hour slots

in particular order:

  • Jelmer Vernooij, How Samba and OpenChange use Python

  • Erik Groeneveld, Solving generator composition (continuation from 4 oktober NLLLG meeting)

Lightning talks

5 five minute slots

  • Christoper Butcher, Speech recognition extension library
  • Guido Wesdorp, functional testing of AJAX webapps
  • Matthijs Kadijk, experiences with Google App engine and Django
  • Remco Wendt, 1 minute python tricks (so that would be 5 tricks in total ;)), if anybody else has something more interesting. By all means: kick me out of the planning
  • Wichert Akkerman, WSGI and repoze

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