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PSF Python Job Board

Team members

These are team members who review job postings and help giving usability feedback to the developers:

Current team members:

Co-chair: Jon Clements Co-chair: David Hitt Admin: Betsy Waliszewski

  • Melanie Jutras
  • Ioannis Charitopoulos
  • David Hitt
  • Gene Brown
  • Deborah Harris
  • Rizwan Mansuri
  • Vytautas Dvaronaitis
  • Robert Grant
  • Arne Recknagel
  • Devesh Kumar Singh

Past members:

  • Rhys Yorke
  • Martijn Pieters
  • Patrice Neff
  • Skip Montanaro
  • Giles Thomas
  • Marc-Andre Lemburg
  • Patrice Neff
  • Bruno Fagundez
  • Simon Hayward
  • Skip Montanaro

Job Board Work Group Charter


Volunteering as Reviewer

If you'd like to help out as a reviewer, please read through this page to understand the review process, sign up to the jobs mailing list and introduce yourself. Please also disclose your affiliation with the introduction.

We can then follow through this process to get you signed up:

  • read this page to learn about the work process
  • create a python.org account
  • send the account name to jobs@python.org

  • we'll get your permissions correctly set up and add your name to this page
  • you can then proceed with reviews using the review panel

Reviewer Policy

The policy is very simple and straightforward:

  • Reviewers should not work on job submissions by companies they are affiliated with.

Review Criteria

Reviewers should review job postings based on these criteria. Postings which do not meet these criteria should be **rejected**, explaining what to correct as comment (prior to rejecting it). The submitters will receive the comment by email and can resubmit the posting with the corrections applied,

  • job descriptions should include a clear mention of how Python will be used
  • Python should be the main implementation language used in the job
  • all positions must be paid positions
  • all ads have to be in English
  • job descriptions must either be plain ASCII, ReST or HTML
  • the job URL must point to a meaningful web page, e.g. the company page, a more detailed job description, etc.
  • the email address used in the posting should look like a valid email address

Review Process

The jobs app provide a page which lists all jobs in the approval queue:

New jobs will automatically be listed on this page. Jobs can be approved, rejected, archived or removed. The processes to be used for each of these steps are described below.

If you make a mistake, e.g. hit the wrong button, you can fix this by going to the jobs table admin interface and manually adjust the status of the job posting again:

(if you need help with this, please ask on the jobs mailing list)

Approval Process

Before hitting the approval button, please review the posting by clicking on the Review button of the posting. This will open the job details page, which allows you to check the job description.

Further down on the page you will find review controls. There is a comment section and a section to approve/reject/edit the posting.

Posting not compliant

If you find that the job description does not comply to the review criteria listed above, please:

  • add a comment to the review page; you can also select one of the predefined "Canned responses" via the drop-down field
  • hit the "Post" button to have the comment sent to the poster

The system will post the comment to the submitter, so no additional email is necessary.

Once you've added the comment, use the browser "Back" button to return to the review page and then:

  • hit the Reject button on the review page

to have the posting rejected. The job submitter can then file a new updated posting.

The system will automatically send a rejection notice to the submitter, so no additional email is necessary.

Posting compliant

If a job posting complies to the above review criteria, please make sure that:

  • the "Looking for" job type is set
  • the "Category" job category is set
  • the job postings by agencies, the company name includes an "[Agency]" indicator

If any of the above is not correct, please click on the "Edit" button to edit the job posting and then resubmit it by hitting the "Submit for approval" button to have the system store the updated version.

You can then either go back to the review page (hit the browser back button twice) and reload the page (to be able to see the edited version) or go back to the review panel to reopen the posting.

If everything looks fine, please:

  • hit the Approve button on the review page

to have the posting approved and listed.

The system will automatically post a comment to the submitters, informing them of the approval, so no additional email is necessary.

Not sure whether compliant or not

If you are not sure whether a posting is compliant or not, you can either:

  • leave it untouched for someone else to pick up and decide, or
  • write to the jobs list asking for help/guidance/opinions

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