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== Team members ==
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== Team members ==

PSF Python Job Board Drafters

Team members

These are team members who help porting existing job postings from the old job board page and new postings to the jobs mailing list into the database:


  • add existing job postings from the single page version of the job board to the database as approved entries

    This is done.

  • add job postings sent to the jobs list since mid-January to the database as draft entries

    This is done.

  • add new postings sent to the jobs list since March 11 to the database as draft entries

    This is an ongoing, until we switch on the form submission process. Please also email back to the job submitters that the job board is undergoing changes and that their submission was added to our database.


FAQs regarding using the Job Board django admin interface :

category : Since the admin system doesn't currently let you choose one, you must determine the number of the category. You can do this by clicking on the search icon next to the category box then hovering over the item. You will see the number in the url at the bottom (for example, software engineer is 2)

job type : Choose some if they match, Make a note if you have ideas for new types that you didn't see on the list

region : do your best or duplicate the city name if you don't know the region since this is a required field

start date : today

end date : today plus 3months

status : review (this will indicate the posting is ready for review by a Job Board member)

agencies checked means "ok for agencies to contact"

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