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 * ["FollowUp"]: What's left to do  * ["/FollowUp"]: What's left to do

The NeedForSpeed sprint is taking place from May 21 to May 28 2006 in Reykjavik, Iceland. The principal sponsor is [http://www.ewtcareers.com/ EWT, LLC] with local support from [http://www.ccpgames.com/ CCP Games].

The following pages should give you some assistance for the sprint

  • ["/Goals"]: An area to discuss each of the sprint goals, and to allow everyone to start planning what they will be working on
  • ["/Tasks"]: What people are currently working on. Also see
  • ["/Toolsets"]: What should I install before I come?
  • ["/Participants"]: Who's coming, and information they have added about themselves
  • ["/Sponsors"]: The organizations behind the sprint
  • ["/Venue"]: Information about the Grand Hotel and Reykjavik along with some background information about Iceland
  • ["/Tourism"]: You're in Iceland -- what do you do?
  • ["/Travel Itineraries"]: At long last.....
  • ["/Successes"]: Changes that appear to have achieved a measurable speedup
  • ["/Failures"]: Changes that have been tried without producing any speed gain and are therefore probably dead ends
  • ["/Deferred"]: Things that might help, but are not being looked at this week.
  • ["/Schedule"]: Fixed events in the week we'd like everyone to be part of
  • ["/FollowUp"]: What's left to do

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