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=== India ===
 * [http://www.izpug.org Bangalore, India Zope/Python User Group]

 * [http://www.bangpypers.org BangPypers (Bangalore Pythonistas)]
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=== China === === Middle East and Africa  ===
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 * Chinese speaking Python users should consider joining the [http://python.cn/ Python Chinese User Group] and mailing list.
 * [http://www.woodpecker.org.cn/CPUG CPUG] - Chinese Python User Group
 * [http://groups.google.com/group/python-eg Python Egypt] - Egypt and Arab World
=== Asia ===

 * [http://www.bangpypers.org BangPypers (Bangalore Pythonistas)] - India

 * [http://python.cn/ Python Chinese User Group] - Chinese Python User Group
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=== International ===
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Python User Groups are sometimes called PIGgies, for Python Interest Group meetings. The term PIGgies was coined by the Bay Area PIGgies group.

If there isn't an organized user group for your area listed on this page, check the list of [http://python.meetup.com/ Python Meetups] and see if there's a Meetup in your area.

USA (west to east)





Middle East and Africa



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