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 * [http://groups.yahoo.com/group/oma-python Omaha Python Users Group]. A
 Python users group in the Omaha, NE area (though others can join). The
 purpose is a place where people can share ideas, and where newbies can learn
 to enjoy the wonderful world of Python Programming.
 * Omaha Python Users Group -- is currently re-organizing after a long period of inactivity. Stay tuned for more details.
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 * [http://www.ttpug.org TTPUG ] - Trinidad and Tobago Python Users Group

Python User Groups are sometimes called PIGgies, for Python Interest Group meetings. The term PIGgies was coined by the Bay Area PIGgies group.

If there isn't an organized user group for your area listed on this page, check the list of [http://python.meetup.com/ Python Meetups] and see if there's a Meetup in your area.


USA (west to east)



Europe (west to east)



Middle East and Africa


* [http://wiki.twpy.org.tw/moin/BPUG BPUG] - taiwan Python User Group (subgroup of CPUG)

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