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Welcome to Pydotorg Central

This is your source of information for contributing to the website.

To get started working on a local copy of the website, please install / check out these:

If you need to convert any content from the old site (there are still some murky depths in the old site format) also get this:

To build and run the site:

Latest docs on Pyramid:

For extra information, see PythonWebsiteDetails

How Can I Help?

To join the project, get started by submitting new tickets for bugs or improvements (see PythonWebsiteCreatingNewTickets) or working on content at You can also ask on IRC or in a new ticket to be added to the Trac notification list. If you want to become a committer, email pydotorg at python dot org for details.

If you would like to see current tickets, click on 'viewtickets' and 'active tickets'

Chat/help on IRC at #pydotorg on

Sign up for PythonWebsiteVirtualSprints!


Sprinters at PyCon2006 included:

Other volunteers:


See PythonWebsiteHomePage for discussion on what should be on the home page (some of which has been completed, but not all).

Here is a page for PythonWebsiteMiscSuggestions

Unable to edit the page? See the FrontPage for instructions.