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Welcome to Pydotorg Central

This is your source of information for contributing to the website.

To get started working on a local copy of the website, please install / check out these:

If you need to convert any content from the old site (there are still some murky depths in the old site format) also get this:

To build and run the site:

Latest docs on Pyramid:

How Can I Help?

To join the project, get started by submitting new tickets at or working on content at You can also ask on IRC or in a new ticket to be added to the Trac notification list. If you want to become a committer, email pydotorg at python dot org for details.

If you would like to see current tickets, click on 'viewtickets' and 'active tickets'

Chat/help on IRC at #pydotorg on

Sign up for PythonWebsiteVirtualSprints!

Some older notes are in PythonWebsiteContentMigration

Where do I put assets? (images, files, html pages, etc)?

In most cases, place them into the same location as the yml and html template files. Pyramid copies them into place automatically. For html trees, place them into a directory that contains a file called NOBUILD. This tells pyramid to just copy the html files instead of trying to process them.

Site-wide and style related images go into in /images instead.

Debugging in Wing IDE

To debug pyramid in Wing IDE, set up a project, add pyramid (or a copy of it) as the main debug file and set the parameters and starting directory in the File Properties (right click on file or file's name in project view). This can help point at problems when running w/ -V doesn't provide enough info. Volunteers ΒΆ

Sprinters at PyCon2006 included:

Other volunteers:


Here is a page for PythonWebsiteMiscSuggestions




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