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Launchpad is a collection of services including bug tracking, translations and specification tracking. It is the official Ubuntu bug tracker.

Python Bugs Import

The Python bugs from Source Forge have been imported into a demonstration instance, also containing a copy of the production data:


Accounts for each bug reporter, assignee or commenter have been created using the $ address. People can claim the account using the password recovery page:

For people who already had launchpad accounts, the $ account can be merged here:

Outgoing Email Filter

To avoid spamming uninterested people, the outgoing email for the demo Launchpad instance is being filtered. We can whitelist email addresses on request (email The infrastructure committee's emails are white listed:

Old Bug Numbers

Each imported SourceForge bug has a nickname assigned of the form "sfNNNN", where NNNN is the old bug number. This makes it easy to look up bugs by the old SF bug number. For example, [ bug 1101399] is accessible as []

Feature Requests

We welcome feature requests, which can be filed in Launchpad at:

Note that this URL is for the production Launchpad instance. Bugs filed against Launchpad in the demo instance will not be seen and may be blown away in the future.

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