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18 year old philosophy student.

Email: jlgijsbers at planet dot nl

Johannes, did you update the wiki software while I played dead? Or do you know whether anyone else did? -- J├╝rgenHermann DateTime(2003-10-24T20:36:55Z)

Do you mean the engine or the configuration? I didn't update the engine, but I did integrate the layout with the rest of the site. -- JohannesGijsbers

The engine. I'll do that then in the near future. -- J├╝rgenHermann DateTime(2003-10-30T23:03:01Z)

So, if we had a nice pattern repository wiki, we could write about decorate-sort-undecorate there and link to it... {;D}= -- LionKimbro DateTime(2003-11-21T22:18:39Z)


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