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Steve Holden: The value of the MoinMoin Wiki is not being realized here. Clearly the development team do not have time to maintain this web (and who can blame them). Perhaps we need a bit of user energy here: take this site and make it your own [this injunction is aimed at someone with moretime than me :-)]

The [wiki:FrontPage #python wiki] has more activity. -- jh

Steve Pike: nice to see a Python-driven script driving this site. For another Python-driven WikiWiki visit

James Andariese: have been using python for quite a while now and still love the tabs. they look so pretty compared to perl :]

James Ferguson just starting to use python i am a student at uni and have used C++ Java Prolog and others.

Lou Picciano / Essex Systems: Really excited to have the power of The Python on Mac OS X! ... Multi, multi, MULTI-platform! Thanks for all your hard work!

Marc Koch: I'm away from VB (Yeahh!), and I have a language on Linux, old Win95, MAC OS9, ... that's ... I have no words! Thanks Thanks Thanks

Michael "Mickey" Lauer: Thanks for the tremendous amount of work all of you put into Python. This is so much more fun to program than with many other languages... :M:

Robert Merle: Python seems to be exciting !

Korny Sietsma: Cute. We now seem to have at least 3 WikiWikiClones written in Python... so it seems only appropriate to document python stuff in one! - KornySietsma

ldl: What a great group! Looking forward to the reunion at IPC9!!

Duke Winsor: I've been programming since 1959, but wasn't satisfied with any language to teach to my young (8 and 11) kids. Along came Python! I checked it out by fixing PySol's implementation of 'Three Shuffles and a Draw' and came away convinced that Python is one of the best teaching languages around. Please keep up the excellent work!

Coy Krill Python has allowed me to create 'gotta have it now' programs much faster than ever before and cross-platform to boot. Thanks guys!

KlausSeistrup woz 'ere!

George Jansen Many thanks for your work. Python is a treat to program in, and the win32com.client module has made my life much easier.

Jeff Polaski: Python is far-and-away my favorite language. Thanks to all in the Python user community for the immensely great work. really impressed with python's simplicity! also really looking forward to using it in my 3d work!

Mark Hodgson: When i found out that python uses indenting as part of the syntax of the language, i had a Zen moment in the pit of my stomach - beautifull - i shall be learning this language for sure! This was in contrast to Eric Raymond's original opinion of this feature.

ChrisArmstrong: I like it.

[ ClaudioTorcato:] Eu já vi muitas linguagens, e já usei Java, mas realmente amei o Python, e o estudo tentando tirar o máximo de proveito sobre suas facilidade e potencialidades.

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