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Links to Python information in German.


There are some groundrules, some laid down by the site admins, some my suggestions:

1) Pages must be named in ASCII and English (PolishLanguage)

2) Pages must have an explanation in English at the top (Links to Python information in <language X>)

3) (my suggestion) We probably want to limit invites to edit the pages to people we know well, or Pythonistas with a track record. Hopefully this is inclusive enough without opening the site up to a spam flood and vandalismfest.

Where these pages really need help:

1) check links, remove broken ones.

2) add new links that are quality Python information and active.

3) some care for languages that have next to nothing, but do have people in the Python community - even a link to the Wikipedia page for Python, in that language, is a start (Some are pretty complete and of high quality - the Russian language Wikipedia page for Python, for instance, packs a lot in).

Community (wikis, mailing lists, newsgroups etc.)

German language Wiki

A German-language newsgroup: de.comp.lang.python.

German Python mailing list

A German-language IRC channel: on IRCnet.

German language Python forum A German Python Board for Python programmers. The first German board for newbies and all others!

General information pages

An Einfuehrung (introduction) and Beispiele (examples).

A German page for newcomers and oldtimers, maintained by Peter Gerlach.

Pythonmania, a German site with a growing collection of tutorials and how-tos.

A one-page Python/PHP phrasebook (114K PDF).

Programming in Python: german tutorial including links, faq and a simple Tkinter introduction, maintained by Walter Spiegel.

Another German language Python tutorial.

Articles & presentations

"Das Python 3.1-Tutorial auf Deutsch" is an ongoing community effort to translate the Python 3.1 tutorial. It is maintained as a Mercurial repository at BitBucket.

"Das Python-Tutorium" is a German translation of the Python 1.5.2 Tutorial. The translation was performed by Dinu Gherman.

"Perl und Python - Zwei Skriptsprachen im Vergleich" is a comparison of Perl and Python by Stefan Schwarzer.

Python Scripte zur Dokumentenkonvertierung: Hauptsächlich zum Thema PDF.

"Danny Yoo's: Ein Tag Spielerei mit IDLE" - a gentle introduction to IDLE, translated by Gregor Lingl.

"Beschränkung aufs Wesentliche - Wie Python arbeitet", an article in the German magazine iX by Rainer Fischbach.

"Objektbeschwörung. Python: objektorientierte Scriptsprache fürs World Wide Web", another article for the German magazine iX by Tobias Himstedt.

GSM /GPS module with Python engine on board and free of charge test server based on Google Maps

Video Tutorials

*"Python from kids series" Kids show how to use RurPle, Easygui, pydoc and DrPython. All 3 videos of this series are very short and are in German language with English subtitles.

*" Introductory Python series]" This series aims to convey the absolute basics of programming and python to beginners to programming.


"A Byte of Python (deutsche Übersetzung)" is the German translation of Swaroop C H's A Byte of Python for Python 2.x.

"Einstieg in Python", by Thomas Theis, is a German book teaching Python for beginners. Galileo Press.

"Python - kurz & gut, 2. Auflage" is the German translation (by Dinu Gherman & Christian Tismer) of Mark Lutz's "Python Pocket Reference" and covers Python 2.2. O'Reilly Germany.

"Programmieren lernen" is a translation of Alan Gauld's Learning to Program.

"Einfuehrung in Python" is a translation of "Learning Python" by David Ascher & Mark Lutz into German by Christian Tismer for O'Reilly Germany.

"Mit Python Programmieren" by Tobias Himstedt and Klaus Mätzel. Dpunkt Verlag (1999).

Python for Kids - Gregor Lingl's book introducing Python to kids in middle and high school.

"Das Python-Buch" by Martin von Loewis and Nils Fischbeck. Addison-Wesley Germany.

"Python Standard-Bibliothek" is the translation of "Python Standard Library" by Fredrik Lundh into German by Christian Tismer & Dinu C. Gherman. O'Reilly Germany.

"Python & XML" is the translation of "Python and XML" by Christopher A. Jones & Fred L. Drake, Jr. into German by Dinu Gherman. O'Reilly Germany.


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