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Read [[http://rene.f0o.com/mywiki/PythonGameProgramming|Python game programming tutorial]]. Read [[http://rene.f0o.com/mywiki/PythonGameProgramming|Python game programming tutorial]]. Or if you need object-oriented design read [[http://pygametutorials.wikidot.com | Yet another game programming tutorial]].

Game Programming With Python

You can write whole games in Python using PyGame. See a list of other PythonGameLibraries maintained in this Wiki, or this list maintained on DevMaster.net.

If you have an existing game and want to add a scripting engine to make it more flexible, Python is also a very good choice. But you'll have to learn about IntegratingPythonWithOtherLanguages.

Read Humongous Python for a case study.

Read Python game programming tutorial. Or if you need object-oriented design read Yet another game programming tutorial.

Two pages that are dedicated for python in 3d are Python 3D(py3d.org) and Python 3D Software

PyWeek is a bi-annual programming challenge that produces several great games.


There's also some books that specifically cover game programming in Python:


  • "Game Programming with Python is about building games using Python. It deals with general concepts of game development and specifics that apply when using Python for game development. Some of the general topics include simulations, game architectures, graphics, networking, and user interfaces."


  • "The author set out to write a book like the one he used to teach himself programming at age 12. ... This book has been successfully used by homeschooling families and public school teachers." The library and example code supplied with the book is also available for download.

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