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We are in the process of planning the BoulderSprint, which we hope to hold on a regular basis. We also hold a monthly meeting.

There has been talk of helping pair mentors with aspiring Pythoneers. If you are so aspirationally inclined, please contact us!

Web Site

Our web site is at []. Thanks to and their principals, SeanReifschneider and Evelyn Mitchell, for generously hosting us.

Mailing List

You can subscribe to our [ mailing list]. We also have a [ mail archive].


We just happen to have the friendliest bunch of Python people I know coming to our meetings. So why not come to?

Meeting: November 15, 2006

Next meeting!

Meeting: October 18, 2006


Local Pythoneering

Lots of great things happening in the Front Range. More to be filled in here...

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