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||MySprint||5+ ||Room: TBD||xyz@example.net|| ||MySprint ||5+ ||Room: TBD || xyz@example.net ||
||[[http://warehouse.readthedocs.io/|Warehouse]] ([[https://wiki.python.org/psf/PackagingSprints|plans]]) ||3+ ||Room: TBD || [[http://whoisnicoleharris.com/|Nicole Harris]] ||

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EuroPython 2018 Sprints

Please add your sprint suggestion to the list below. If you intend to provide more than a brief description or have a discussion about the sprinting goals, feel free to add a new Wiki page for such purposes, using a name like EuroPython2018/MySprint.


Approx. number of people

Room (see "Sprint locations" below)




Room: TBD


Warehouse (plans)


Room: TBD

Nicole Harris

Sprint Locations

The sprints will take place in the EICC.

Please see EuroPython 2018 Sprint Venue for details.

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