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EuroPython 2006 will take place at CERN, Geneva, Switzerland EuroPython 2006 took place at CERN, Geneva, Switzerland
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Last year's conference: EuroPython2005 The previous year's conference: EuroPython2005

EuroPython 2006 took place at CERN, Geneva, Switzerland

See http://www.europython.org/ for more.

The previous year's conference: EuroPython2005


A separate page for on-site news (EuroPython2006News) has been set up. This should help to spread information quickly.

Lightning Talks

See EuroPy2006LightningTalks.

Go see http://www.pyweek.org/ for the games I played on the Big Screen -- RichardJones


Add your sprint suggestion to the list below. If you intend to provide more than a brief description or have a discussion about the sprinting goals, feel free to add a new Wiki page for such purposes, using a name like EuroPython2006/MySprint.


Approx. number of people

Pre/Post EP

Room (see "Sprint locations" below)

[wiki:EuroPython2006/Sprint MoinMoin]

Less than PyPy :-)

6-9 July



at least 1!

6-9 July








6-9 July



at least 2

6-9 July

D (Thursday), otherwise A (except Thu from 1500-1700)

  • Hmm, this table says that Zope will not sprint in the next days but nevertheless they have a room ... :-)

Sprint locations

The sprints will take place in Building 40 in the rooms in the four "corners" (like for the parallel sessions), on the ground floor (not downstairs!), just a few steps ("half a stair") "above" the Cafe-area. There will be signs on the doors as well.

Pre-Conference sprints

Whoever wants to participate in a pre-conference sprint, please send a mail to Euro-Loc.Secretariat@cern.ch telling us so, as we need to arrange for access to the CERN site for the weekend (before registration). -- AndreasPfeiffer (for the local organisers)



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