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Book Monday 9th of July to Wednesday 11th of July 2007 in your calendar. EuroPython 2007, the European Python and Zope conference, will this year be held in Vilnius, Lithuania. Last years conference was a great success - a variety of tracks, amazing lightning talks and inspiring keynotes. So we invite you to contribute to help us make EuroPython 2007 a proud successor of the previous five EuroPython events arranged so far.

This year, we encourage talks in the following tracks and topics:

XXX mention Lightning talks here?

A new phenomenon in the EuroPython tradition is the Open Space track (inspired by this years PyCon and last years Agile 2006 and XP 2006 conferences).

The Open Space track is aimed at informal and spontanious talks that invite participants to gather and discuss various topics and experiences. Topics that could fit the Open Space track would be Agile Development, Business and Applications, Teaching, Games and Entertainment and any other Python related experiences and insights you feel would be interesting for others to listen to and discuss. XXX sell this better - discussing/experience sharing is the main value

XXX any other specific theme for this years conference (last year it was science)???

XXX There will be a refereed papers track as well this year, which will be announced separately.

how to rewrite this science/refereed being joined..

To read a longer description of each track go here:

XXX fix track descriptions, update and fix link

To submit a talk, go here:

XXX will this be functioning by the 16th? Indico - Paul and Nicolas...

For more general information on the conference, please visit:

XXX make sure all necessary info is updated

XXX also mention sprint dates and where to propose sprints (12-14th of July).

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