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## page was renamed from MacPython/ErikVanBlokland


Erik Van Blokland is a Dutch type designer. Started the ../LettError virtual type foundry with ../JustVanRossum, with whom he worked at [http://www.metadesign.com/ Meta Design]. Have a look at http://www.letterror.com for some of their exploits.

Fame came with the release of Beowolf (co-designed with ../JustVanRossum), a font whose ragged edges shift randomly each time you print the font. Another font of his, Kosmik, has a version that flips between three alternates for each character for a more friendly, hand-drawn feel. Most of his fonts are published by [http://www.fontfont.com/ FontFont]. He is a key developer on the ../RoboFog project with ../JustVanRossum and ../PetrVanBlokland. BR BR






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