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Automatic documentation generation tools: Automatic Python API documentation generation tools:
 * PyDoc, http://web.pydoc.org/ne documentation browser (in HTML) and/or an off-line reference manual (in $\mbox{\LaTeX}$ ) fro
 * DocUtils, http://docutils.sourceforge.net/ ReStructuredText processing engine
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 * PyDoc, http://web.pydoc.org/  * PythonDoc - uses StructuredText input format (''not'' reST), and can produce HTML and XML output. It uses XML as an intermediate representation, to simplify the addition of new output formats. http://starship.python.net/crew/danilo/pythondoc/
 * Another PythonDoc - uses JavaDoc-style comments, and produces HTML and XML output. Can also be used as a library, producing ElementTree descriptions of your source code. http://effbot.org/zone/pythondoc.htm
 * ["Crystal"] - produces output that is similar to Wiki:JavaDoc.
 * EasyDoc - uses an HTML-like markup language, similar to the language used by Wiki:JavaDoc; and produces HTML output (http://htmltmpl.sourceforge.net/easydoc.html)
 * ["Teud"], EfnetPythonWiki:TeudProject
 * Doxygen < http://www.doxygen.org > can create documentation in various formats (HTML, LaTeX, PDF, ...) and you can include formulas in your documentation (great for technical/mathematical software). Together with Graphviz < http://www.research.att.com/sw/tools/graphviz/ > it can create diagrams of your code (inhertance diagram, call graph, ...). Another benefit is that it handles not only Python, but also several other programming languages like C, C++, Java, etc.
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Other projects that can be used to produce API documentation:
 * [http://www.livinglogic.de/Python/xist/index.html XIST] - an XML based extensible HTML generator written in Python.
 * [http://starship.python.net/crew/friedrich/HTMLgen/html/main.html HtmlGen] - a Python library for generating HTML documents.

Automatic Python API documentation generation tools:

Other projects that can be used to produce API documentation:

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