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Current PSF Statement Suggestion:

The Python community is a global community. The Python Software Foundation and the broader community of which it is a part welcome and encourage participation by all. Our community is based on mutual respect, tolerance and encouragement, and we strive to help each other live up to these ideals. We would like our community to be more diverse, so we extend an especially warm welcome to everyone who will broaden it.

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Here are a list of other diversity statements. Please leave the original intact (other than grammar edits) for reference, and include additional, numbered versions for further discussion.

Original Diversity List Suggestion

All Positive

What is Diversity Anyway

Supporting diversity mean being open to people who are different. It means that, if you are different, you are not met with opposition because of that difference. It means being treated according to a set of standards of good behaviour and good communication which transcends individual and cultural heritage. It means being good to one another. Unfortunately, people being excluded and mistreatment on the basis of their differences is a long and widespread phenomenon. The Python Community hereby acknowledges that it as a responsibility to do its best to support anyone who has been unreasonably alienated, and therefore also its responsibility to take positive action to correct poor behaviour where it is found occurring in its official mailing lists, publications and other fora.

Because of the long history of human conflict, there are a number of specific differences which have been incredibly problematic. The Python Community would like to assure you that you are welcome, irrespective of sex, age, the colour of your skin, your caste, cultural heritage, your personal history or sexuality. We would like to assure you that to be welcomed as an active participant, all that you need to do is to treat other people with the same respect that you would like afforded to you. As a community, we feel that we are tolerant and accepting of difference, but would like to assure you that we are happy to actively support the principles of acceptance and diversity herein expressed should any specific problem arise.

Please remember that you are participating in a public forum and that you are expected to maintain an appropriate standard of language and acceptance of diversity.

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