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This extension of the bdist_rpm command shows how to modify the SPEC file before it is passed to the RPM shell command. It makes the Python version used to call "" known within the spec file, and also sets another prefix for the install step.

Note that you can use pre_install and post_install in your "setup.cfg" to add customized %pre and %post sections (those settings contain the names of files that are then appended to the SPEC file).

   1 class bdist_rpm_ext(bdist_rpm):
   2     """ Ɯberladung von bdist_rpm, um das SPEC-File etwas zu erweitern.
   3     """
   5     def _make_spec_file(self):
   6         spec_file = bdist_rpm._make_spec_file(self)
   7         spec_file[0:0] = [
   8             '%define pyversion ' + sys.version[:3],
   9         ]
  11         install = spec_file.index('%install')
  12         spec_file[install+1] = spec_file[install+1].replace(
  13             ' install',
  14             ' install --prefix /opt/%{name}/%{version}')
  16         return spec_file

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