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== Oracle ==

 * cx_Oracle: http://www.python.net/crew/atuining/cx_Oracle/

 * DCOracle: http://www.zope.org/Products/DCOracle/
  * This is for old Oracle versions (7 and 8).

 * DCOracle2: http://www.zope.org/Members/matt/dco2
  * For Oracle 8i and up.

 * mxODBC: http://www.egenix.com/products/python/mxODBC/
  * Supports the [[http://www.oracle.com/technology/tech/oci/instantclient/index.html|Oracle Instant Client]] which is available for Windows and many popular Unix platforms.

== IBM DB2 ==

 * More info on [[DB2]]

== Sybase ASE ==

 * sybase
  * old: http://www.object-craft.com.au/projects/sybase/
  * new: http://python-sybase.sourceforge.net/

 * mxODBC: http://www.egenix.com/products/python/mxODBC/
  * Supports Sybase ASE.

== Sybase SQL Anywhere ==

 * sqlanydb: http://dcx.sybase.com/1100en/dbprogramming_en11/pg-python.html
  * Implements with extensions Database API 2.0

 * mxODBC: http://www.egenix.com/products/python/mxODBC/
  * Supports SQL Anywhere.

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Generic Database Interfaces and APIs

  • The Python standard for database interfaces is the Python DB-API (PEP 249) Most Python database interfaces adhere to this standard.

  • Most databases have ODBC support; see the section below on ODBC modules.
  • Java databases usually support JDBC, and can be used from Jython.
  • See also DbApiModuleComparison

ODBC Support

ADO Support

Database Interfaces for Relational Database Systems

Database systems employing a relational model, with support for SQL.

General Purpose Database Systems

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Database Systems for Embedding Into Applications

The following database systems are more oriented towards embedded applications:

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Non-Relational Databases

Native Python Databases


buzhug is a pure-Python database engine, using a Pythonic, no-SQL syntax.

The data is stored and accessed on disk (it is not an in-memory database). The implementation has been designed to make all operations, and especially selection, as fast as possible with an interpreted language.

A limited benchmark using the same use cases as SQLite's author shows that buzhug is much faster than other pure-Python modules (KirbyBase, gadfly). SQLite, which is implemented in C, is faster, but only less than 3 times on the average.


SnakeSQL is a pure Python SQL database written to remove the dependence of the Python Web Modules on 3rd party drivers for non-Python databases like MySQL but designed to be a useful database in its own right.

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