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== Sybase == == Sybase ASE ==
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  * Supports Sybase ASE and Sybase Anywhere.   * Supports Sybase ASE.

== Sybase SQL Anywhere ==

 * sqlanydb: http://dcx.sybase.com/1100en/dbprogramming_en11/pg-python.html
  * Implements with extensions Database API 2.0

 * mxODBC: http://www.egenix.com/products/python/mxODBC/
  * Supports SQL Anywhere.

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Relational database

Databases based on a relational model, with support for SQL.


ODBC allows you to use a single library and API to connect to many different databases, including most of those below.



Note that you have to enable the advanced option "Use bytea for lo" in case you want to work with BLOBs.



  • More info on DB2

Sybase ASE

Sybase SQL Anywhere




Microsoft SQL Server

Native Python Databases


buzhug is a pure-Python database engine, using a Pythonic, no-SQL syntax.

The data is stored and accessed on disk (it is not an in-memory database). The implementation has been designed to make all operations, and especially selection, as fast as possible with an interpreted language.

A limited benchmark using the same use cases as SQLite's author shows that buzhug is much faster than other pure-Python modules (KirbyBase, gadfly). SQLite, which is implemented in C, is faster, but only less than 3 times on the average.


SnakeSQL is a pure Python SQL database written to remove the dependence of the Python Web Modules on 3rd party drivers for non-Python databases like MySQL but designed to be a useful database in its own right.

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