Note that this page is about the 2004 Chandler sprint. See also ChandlerSprint2005.


For introductory information and information about the other sprints going on at PyConDC2004, please see SprintPlan2004.

More details will appear here over time.


The sprints at PyConDC2004 are to be held from March 20 (Saturday) through March 23 (Tuesday), for a total of 4 days. We're going to be there for all 4 sprint days, so we invite sprinters to join in.

Please voice your opinions here or email Ted.


There is no cost to attend the sprints beyond registering for PyCon (and being present, of course).


Everyone is welcome! No prior Chandler hacking experience is required. Participants should either be experienced Python programmers, or interested in Chandler.

Please email Ted AND edit this page directly if you'd like to participate.


This sprint is being sponsored by the Open Source Applications Foundation

Sprint Topic Ideas

What would participants like to accomplish? Choose from among the ideas below or add new ones. Register your votes below, and feel free to comment.

Right now we have a pair of topics:

We plan to do technical introductions so that people have an idea of how things work in the Repository.


Please feel free to add any comments you like. Include your name for feedback; anonymous comments OK too. We hope to see you at PyCon!

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