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 * Senthil OR orsenthil AT gmail DOT com


[http://bangpypers.sourceforge.net http://bangpypers.sourceforge.net/bpug.png]


Meeting on 11-August-2007

  • Venue: ThoughtWorks, 2nd floor, Tower C, Diamond District, Airport Road, Bangalore (opp TGIF).

  • Time: 3.00 PM
  • Facilities: Room (seating up to 30), projector, snacks, soft drinks/juices


  • Lightning talks
  • <add your talk here>


  • Baiju M, mbaiju AT zeomega.com , Phone: +91 9945973441
  • Jayesh V, jayesh.mail AT gmail.com, Phone: 9916042210
  • Pradeep Gowda, pradeep.gowda AT gmail.com, (tentative)
  • Anand Chitipothu, anandology AT gmail.com
  • Subramani R, subramani95 AT gmail.com
  • Karabi B, karabi.b AT brainwavelive.com, (probable)
  • Brad Allen, ballen AT zeomega DOT com (may need a ride)
  • Senthil OR orsenthil AT gmail DOT com

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