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Audio in python

This page tries to provide a starting point for those who want to work with audio in combination with python. If you are looking for podcast and such on Python you are not at the right place here, but PythonAudioMaterial is.

Built in modules

The [ Multimedia Services] allow for some basic audio functionality in python. It consists of the following modules:

[ audioop]

[ aifc]

[ sunau]

[ wave]

[ chunk]

[ sndhdr]

[ ossaudiodev]

Beyond the default modules

Alternatively, you might want to learn about audio programming in Python. There is a veritable forest of stuff out there, but here are some good starting points.

For a complete overview have a look at PythonInMusic.

Platform independent

[ pyAudio]

[ Snack]

[ Python Audio Tools]

Platform dependent


Modules relying on closed source

[ pysonic]


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