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I was trying to use ctypes to get Windows clipboard contents and the value that gets returned is a ctypes.c_char_p string. When I print it the string looks like b'contents_of_clipboard'. I am not sure why this happens or how to get rid of it. anyone know. The code that I pilfered from the net to do this is below

   1 import ctypes, sys
   3 def winGetClipboard():
   4         ctypes.windll.user32.OpenClipboard(0)
   5         pcontents = ctypes.windll.user32.GetClipboardData(1) # 1 is CF_TEXT
   6         data = ctypes.c_char_p(pcontents).value
   7         ctypes.windll.user32.CloseClipboard()
   8         return data

If I had Hello World on the clipboard the returned output would be b'Hello World'

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