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An experimental To-Do list can be found here:
http://jython.updatelog.com (user and password are: `guest`).
== An experimental To-Do List ==
e of the developers update their agenda online at http://jython.updatelog.com. Anonymous login is as follows:
user: `guest`
password: `guest`
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== Individuals ==

the peanut gallery: "Who is doing the SSL support?"

An experimental To-Do List

Some of the developers update their agenda online at http://jython.updatelog.com. Anonymous login is as follows:

  • user: guest

  • password: guest

If you'd like to have a personal account, please mailto:jython@extreme.st



  • build
  • installer
  • java integration



  • finishing off 2.2 test failures
  • fixing windows only regrtest failures



  • Parser and compiler updates (to 2.5 and beyond !)
  • Generally help on sprinting

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