CharlieGroves, incept: 2006-08-27

Jython uses reStructuredText and a custom writer to build its site. This describes how to set it up.

  1. Download and install docutils. Grab it from the site and go through the normal 'python install' deal. Note that a docutils egg will NOT work here (possibly pending some packaging changes to jysite).

  2. Grab the site builder out of svn and install it.
    • svn co
      cd jysite
      python install
  3. Check out the actual website code from

  4. Make sure a Jython trunk checkout is available as jython at the same level as website.

Now you can build the site using Ant. Change into your checkout directory and run ant to build the site. The reStructuredText files that comprise most of the site are in the Project directory.

To deploy the site:

  1. Edit build.xml to change the scp.user property (if your name isn't Frank Wierzbicki).

  2. Run ant copy2sf to build a tar.bz2 of the site and scp it to sourceforge

  3. ssh

  4. Unpack the site

cd /home/groups/j/jy/jython/htdocs
tar xfj ../website.tar.bz2

You'll want to have umask 002 and newgrp jython in your .bash_login so the site is updatable by others as well.

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