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    * a site-packages dir (jython needs to include it on sys.path by default)

Setuptools requirements:

  • PEP 302 style zipimport module Added in r3463

  • number of misc. Jython bug fixes most already committed

We don't have:

  • the kicker, a working os.chdir. I hacked together a really quick version of this, and setuptools was able to get pretty far at installing Pylons. Pylons itself and a number of its dependencies installed fine, but the process died installing the decorator module due to marshal raising a KeyError

  • working marshal. setuptools uses marshal.load, and there's some bugs with our current marshaller
  • tarfile module. This requires a small patch to PyString to work for setuptools. I believe it may require some additions to the os module for test_tarfile.py to pass

  • a valid sys.executable. required by setuptools and distutils for spawning subprocesses. It's impossible to determine argv[0] from java: I'm thinking the jython executable should pass this information along to Jython (java -Dpython.executable=$0)
  • distutils: requires a number of small patches:
    • - distutils metadata for the os.name == 'java' (like path names, default bdist type, etc) - a jython spawn-like function: "error: don't know how to spawn programs on platform 'java'". os.system works as a replacement - a valid sys.executable
  • tempfile.mkstemp
    • - I have patch #1783692 implementing mkstemp/NamedTemporaryFile with Java's secure File.createTempFile
  • imp.acquire/release_lock
    • This is just a simple lock, but may have to be used by internal imp operations. I'm not sure
  • a site-packages dir (jython needs to include it on sys.path by default)
  • A few small upstream patches to setuptools, this includes so far:
    • - use tempfile.NamedTemporaryFile instead of tempfile.mkstemp (Java/Jython doesn't allow usage of file descriptors). This will also remove a usage of os.open - wrap uses of os.chmod in hasattr(os, 'chmod') - sandbox may assume os.open (and maybe others) exist - setuptools cut and pasted shutil's rmtree from CPython 2.3, which uses lstat to check for directories. This may need to change to os.path.isdir (Jython might be able to do lstat, though)

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