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May 2009 -- Issue #30

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Josh Juneau


Jython 2.5rc3 Released

JavaOne 2009 Conference

The JavaOne conference will be held June 2nd through 5th at the Moscone center in San Francisco, CA. You can register online now.

Highlights for Jython include:

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EuroPython 2009 Conference

Registration is now open for EuropPython, Europe's Premier Python Conference, which will take place from 28th June to 4th July 2009 in Birmingham, UK. For more details, please visit the website at www.europython.eu

The Definitive Guide To Jython (with Django) to be Published by Apress

Look for The Definitive Guide to Jython (with Django) to be published by Apress later this year. The book will include beginner to advanced materials covering the Jython language in entirety. Authors include Jim Baker, Frank Wierzbicki, Leo Soto, Victor Ng, and Josh Juneau. More details to follow...

PyCon 2009 - Jython Video and Slides

Panel VMS - http://us.pycon.org/2009/conference/schedule/event/21/

A Better Python for the JVM - Tobias Ivvarsson http://us.pycon.org/2009/conference/schedule/event/32/

Jython Progress - Frank Wierzbicki http://us.pycon.org/2009/conference/schedule/event/46/

Pylons on Jython - Philip Jenvey http://us.pycon.org/2009/conference/schedule/event/50/

Django on Jython 101 - Leo and Jim http://us.pycon.org/2009/conference/schedule/event/54/


IronPython, Jython, Scala and Python: A Fairly Meaningless Server Performance Comparison

Written By: James Gardner

IronPython 2.0 is a full implementation of Python 2.5 targetting the .NET platform and yet it can be very hard to find good instructions on how to set it up because not all distributions of Mono include IronPython 2 and those that do might not include the Python standard library so I thought I'd put some instructions up on how to do it.

Once it was running I thought it would be interesting to benchmark a simple WSGI Hello World! server to see if it is faster than ordinary Python. That got me wondering about Jython which in turn got me wondering about Scala. The upshot is that I have instructions for installing all 3 and running a simple benchmark on each, along with a pure-Python version for reference. Before long I was experimenting with Java Servlets on Tomcat too!

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Open Source Field Project

The Field Project is about to release beta 7! This project is an open source IDE for JVM languages geared towards digital art and coding.

Field Project


Netbeans 6.5 and 6.7 beta


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