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NOTE: This documents the pre NewStyleClasses world -- so this style should *not* be used for new development against Jython 2.2 or later.

Magic fields for Jython objects

  • __class__

  • __methods__ This is a list of methods initially exposed by the class. This list can be modified by an instance.

  • __members__ This is a list of attributes for a class. This list can be modified by an instance.

Hiding functionality from Jython

  • Implement ClassDictInit and set the value of the attribute you wish to hide to null.

  • Add the exception PyIgnoreMethodTag to the throws clause of a method for it to be masked by Jython.

Example Code

public class JythonClass extends PyObject implements ClassDictInit {

  /** Field __class__ */
  public static PyClass __class__;

  /** Field __methods__ */
  protected static PyList __methods__;

  /** Field __members__ */
  protected static PyList __members__;

  /** Field exposedtojython */
  protected long exposedtojython;

  /** Field hiddenFromJython */
  protected long hiddenFromJython;

  static {
    PyObject[] m = new PyObject[1];

    m[0] = Py.newString("amethod");

    __methods__ = new PyList(m);
    m = new PyObject[1];
    m[0] = Py.newString("amember");

    __members__ = new PyList(m);

   * Initializes the object's namespace.
   * @param dict
  static public void classDictInit(PyObject dict) throws PyIgnoreMethodTag {

    dict.__setitem__("ticks", new DateTimeFunc("ticks", 1, 1, 2, true, "ticks"));
    dict.__setitem__("gmtoffset", new DateTimeFunc("gmtoffset", 2, 0, 0, true, "gmtoffset"));

    // hide from python
    dict.__setitem__("classDictInit", null);
    dict.__setitem__("getPyClass", null);
    dict.__setitem__("hideFromJython", null);
    dict.__setitem__("otherHiddenMethod", null);

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