Vasudev Ram

Email: <vasudevram AT SPAMFREE gmail DOT com>

Web site: Dancing Bison Enterprises

I'm an independent software developer, trainer and writer with many years of experience in various software areas. I operate under the banner of Dancing Bison Enterprises; my business web site is here. This page has more information about me.


Read about my Python training services here (see under the section titled "India"). Also see here) for my other consulting and training offerings.


I'm the developer of the following open source software projects:

All of the above projects can be found here .

Skills and experience


I'm always interested in, and on the lookout for, opportunities for possible collaboration with technical and business people, for fun, learning and profit. So I welcome all genuine inquiries for possible software contract or consulting work, training work, or just plain networking with a view to any possible future collaboration. My LinkedIn profile is here - feel free to invite me as a connection, or contact me for more information or request a quote via my contact page.


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