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 * Grant requests will be proposed to the group.

 * The requests will be discussed on the mailing list.

 * Amendments of the proposed grants will be decided by a majority rule.

 * The team will vote on the proposed grants. Decisions will be made by a majority rule.
 * TBD
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Chair: Naomi Ceder(provisional) Chairs: Lorena Mesa, Naomi Ceder 
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 * Mailing list - translation@python.org (pending)  * Mailing list - translation@python.org (https://mail.python.org/mm3/mailman3/lists/translation.python.org/)

PSF Translation Workgroup Charter

Purpose & Common Goals

The initial purpose of this workgroup is to support and encourage the translation of PSF documents and Python documentation generally into languages other than English as needed by various Python communities world-wide. The key role of this work group, at least initially, will be to identify priorities and infrastructure needed to support translations, and to coordinate efforts of various communities to contribute translations.

Active Time

This workgroup will be active indefinitely at the pleasure of the PSF board.

Core Values & Internal Governmence

The core values for this group are:

  • Respect
  • Support
  • Positive Atmosphere
  • Constructiveness
  • Integrity

The workgroup adopts the PSF Code of Conduct (https://www.python.org/psf/codeofconduct/). Any actions (found by a majority) made against the principles in the Code of Conduct will result in the acting person being removed from the workgroup.


  • TBD

Rules & Guidelines

  • TBD

Decision Making Procedures

  • TBD

Communication Plan

The team will communicate via mailing list - translation@python.org. If needed, conference calls can be set up.


  • None proposed at this time, but may be needed in the future.

List of Participants/Who we are

Chairs: Lorena Mesa, Naomi Ceder

Vice Chairs:

  • TBD


  • TBD

Support Requirements

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