Thomas Waldmann

Email: <tw AT waldmann-edv DOT de>

IRC: I am often on #moin and #moin-dev on (and also on #python,, ...). I don't use a nickname, but just ThomasWaldmann.

I am the MoinMoin wiki project administrator and joined the PSF in 2009.

If you have any moin questions / wishes, just ask. :)

Ideas for PSF wiki



PSF membership application form

When filling out that stuff, I found it a bit uncomfortable that I had to paste stuff from a web page into a document. I am attaching the document I created in the hope it will be useful (if you use it, I suggest you use the .odt version except if someone manages to make a PDF with a form that can be filled out on the computer - you don't want to read the typical geek's handwriting!):

(!) BTW, for the non-native english speaker it might be a bit unclear what you want to hear on the "affiliation" line. Is that my favourite python project? My company? My Python User Group? Something else? I looked up that word in a dictionary, but even after that, I couldn't make too much sense of it (I put "MoinMoin Wiki" in there, hoping that this is what PSF wanted to hear).


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