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[DIFF] 14:32 [INFO] EwaJodlowska
[DIFF] 18:22 [INFO] SumanaHarihareswara Warehouse/PyPI update: launch, project wrapup approaching
[DIFF] 18:37 [INFO] SumanaHarihareswara TODOs
[DIFF] 21:53 [INFO] SumanaHarihareswara [1-3] #01 NYC sprint night
#02 jaraco
#03 pganssle
[DIFF] 21:35 [INFO] SumanaHarihareswara [1-4] #01 Link to launch announcement
#02 link to beta announcement blog post
#03 Completed launch.
#04 clarifications
[DIFF] 18:43 [INFO] EwaJodlowska
[DIFF] 23:53 [INFO] SumanaHarihareswara initial page
[DIFF] 20:25 [INFO] SumanaHarihareswara member update
[DIFF] 19:31 [INFO] SumanaHarihareswara [1-2] #01 reformatting
#02 notes from Tuesday's meeting


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