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PyPI beta announcement

[This page is a draft and not to be used/publicized until we close out the "publicize beta" milestone. That'll probably be by March 25, 2018.]

The new Python Package Index is now in beta at We predict the full switch will happen in April 2018 (roadmap), so here's a heads-up about why we're switching, what's changed, and what to expect. To get an email when the new site replaces the old one, please sign up for the low-traffic PyPI announcements email list.


The legacy PyPI site started in the early 2000s. Users face outages, malicious packages, and spam attacks, and the legacy codebase has made it hard to maintain and even harder to develop new features.

The new PyPI (codebase: Warehouse) looks more modern, and is up-to-date under the hood too; a proper web framework (Pyramid), 100% backend test coverage, and a Docker-based development environment make it easier for current and new developers to maintain it and add features.

Thanks to Mozilla's Open Source Support funding, we have designed and added new features, overhauled infrastructure, and worked towards redirecting traffic to the new site and shutting down the old one. The full switch will include redirecting browser and pip install traffic from the old site; then, sometime in late April or early May, the legacy site will be entirely shut down.


You may not need to change anything right away. Thanks to redirects, your sites, services, and tools will probably be able to seamlessly switch to the new site.

Users: No change necessary. pip install works as normal.

Package maintainers: Use Twine to upload releases, and update the URL you upload to. New PyPI takes the same username/password as legacy PyPI did. Follow the packagers' migration guide.

API users: follow the API users' migration guide.

If you're affected by a deprecation (below), you should adapt and migrate by early April 2018. Sign up for the low-traffic PyPI announcements email list to get a heads-up when we have a more precise date.

New PyPI Features


Things that already have gone away (sometimes for policy or spam-fighting reasons) include:

Things that will go away once legacy PyPI shuts down:

Late 2018 or later:

Future plans

See our issue tracker. Includes:

For updates, please sign up for the low-traffic PyPI announcements email list.


If you find any potential security vulnerabilities, please follow our published security policy. Please don't report security issues in Warehouse via GitHub, IRC, or mailing lists. Instead, please directly email the security team.

Please test!

The point of the beta is to find and fix bugs. Please help us. Most of these workflows you can test on, using the same login as you use on (legacy PyPI). For testing destructive actions, like removing an owner, deleting a project, or deleting a release, please use


Package users:

Project maintainers:

Contact us

Security issues: email security @ python dot org

GitHub for all other bug reports & feature requests:

IRC: #pypa-dev on Freenode (someone's usually there 10am-5pm Central Time on weekdays)

Email: pypa-dev mailing list

(By participating, you agree to abide by the PyPA Code of Conduct.)

Thank you for using PyPI!

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