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* Nicole Harris<<BR>>

Purpose & Common Goals

The purpose of this working group is to support the larger efforts of improving and maintaining the packaging ecosystem in Python through fundraising and disbursement of raised funds. It will largely focus on efforts such as PyPI, pip, packaging.python.org, setuptools, and cross project efforts.

Active Time

This workgroup will be active indefinitely at the pleasure of the PSF board.

Core Values & Internal Government

The core values for this group are:

* Respect
* Support
* Positive Atmosphere
* Constructiveness
* Integrity

The workgroup adopts the PSF Code of Conduct (https://www.python.org/psf/codeofconduct/). Any actions (found by a majority) made against the principles in the Code of Conduct will result in the acting person being removed from the workgroup.

Rules & Guidelines

* When choosing where to allocate funds, the packaging workgroup will take into account primarily what best serves the advancement of packaging in Python, however it should also take into account impact on the wider ecosystem as well.
* If/when a particular individual has a conflict of interest (such as, they are requesting funds for themselves or a company they are affiliated with) they will excuse themselves from any voting.
* The packaging workgroup will not take longer than 2 weeks to discuss and vote on a proposal to disburse funds to a project or effort.
* The packaging-wg should generally strive to maintain an odd number of voting members to prevent deadlock ties.
* The packaging workgroup will make the funds raised and spent available to the general public in the form of a Wiki page on the PSF Wiki.
* At any time the PSF board may, at its discretion, add any number of non-voting observers to the working group to observe and participate in discussion.

Decision Making Procedures

Decisions on what fundraising and projects/efforts to support will be done by a simple majority and in the case of a tie, will escalate to the PSF Board. Voting will be done through some mechanism which is transparent to all voting members of the workgroup (Mailing List, Slack, etc). The preferred venue for votes will be the mailing list.

When adding new members to the working group, prospective members must send an email to packaging-wg@python.org introducing themselves along with a description of why they want to be a member and what they bring to the process. Approval of new members will be decided by a simple majority vote, with ties defaulting to a "No".

When choosing to remove a voting member from the working group, the group member initiating this decision needs to communicate with the chair and co-chair detailing the reasoning. The chair and co-chair will then contact the entire group via mailing list with the details and allow the member in question to submit a follow up statement. After that the chair and/or co-chair will ask that members privately (excluding member in question) to send in their opinions via the following approval guidelines:
- at least two +1's
- more +1's than -0's
- no -1's

Communication Plan

The working group will communicate via mailing list (packaging-wg@python.org) and via Slack (the-psf.slack.com#packaging-wg). If needed, conference calls or additional communication channels can be set up.


The working group budget will be whatever funds that the working group has raised for itself. If needed, the working group may ask the board of directors for additional funding. The working group will display the funds gathered on our main wiki page: https://wiki.python.org/psf/PackagingWG. We will also list the funds that are spent. Details of contracts (when applicable) will be shared with the board.


The PSF Director of Operations and the PSF IT Manager are permanent members of this working group.

* Donald Stufft <donald@python.org> (chair)
* Ewa Jodlowska <ewa@python.org> (co-chair)
* Nathanial J. Smith
* Mark Mangoba
* Nick Coghlan
* Nicole Harris

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