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pip syncup meeting Teamwide, 13 Feb 2020

Attendees: [were not explicitly noted, but: Georgia, Sumana, Tzu-Ping, Paul, Bernard, Pradyun]


[CZI Meeting (Georgia added) -- moved to Zulip, discussing in ]

  1. schedule interview with (remaining) pip maintainers/core contributors
    1. Bernard is going to be sending out a calendar thing. Where to send?
      1. Who do you want to interview? All pip maintainers? all pip contributors?
        1. People who understand the direction pip needs to take ... people who understand issues people have at a high level.... people who have evidence-based opinions on what the problems are.... maintainers and "core" contributors
        2. may need to go out further.... this is a start
      2. send to Zulip and IRC (#pypa + #pypa-dev) to start .... send personal invitations to the people who wrote the things you are reading.
      3. Talk with Paul Moore, Pradyun. Start getting referrals, snowball from there
      4. TODO: After this call - Sumana and Bernard to review his offline list. DONE

Bernard/Sumana - might want to discuss the "how openly to discuss"

2. “Collaborate with downstreams and users about config flags and transition schedules” (from the work schedule for February)

TODO: Bernard and Sumana should collaborate on developing a rough starter list of groups to reach out to (cc Georgia): SIMULTANEOUSLY - start on

have that by Tues the 18th

Would probably want to consider users being broken due to stricter behavior of new resolver

3. Documentation improvements (pradyun/Sumana discussion pprobably)

Simply Secure will likely have some stuff to share this coming Mon/Tues - research synthesis

Who is blocked?

When we (UX team!) have more polished (formulated) outputs, they can go on [the Python user guide](

Where should ongoing resources go? Usability/UX knowledge base? (who users/communities are, other resources)

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