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Warehouse Sync-up Meeting

Monday, Feb 19 2018


Current work/announcements/blocked:

Ernest: * - RIP productivity last two-weeks attending/catching up from PyTN. Was hot to trot Saturday morning when suddenly SPAM

Dustin * Wrapped up account management & milestone #1

Nicole * finished manage account features (needs user testing)

Laura * met with Ernest and helped create codebase description in docs:

Sumana: * - bug triage

Bug/PR triage

* Rename "/legacy" url to something else * Currently milestone 4 (launch). Need to coordinate with: who? Packaging guide, twine, who else? And should we do this earlier, during the beta, to shake bugs out?

* Possible spamming of package namespace #2859 * user still has concerns

* "499 Client Error: Client Disconnected for url:" * Confusing user experience, unclear where problem originates

* option to turn off indexing in robots.txt across instance (e.g., Test PyPI) * should we offer this at all? or should such an organization use devpi?

* Email all owners when a new owner/maintainer is added * Milestone 4: Launch?

* Send confirmation when email address changes * Milestone 4: Launch?

* Email all owners when a new version of a package is uploaded * Cool But Not Urgent?

* Disallow runs of special characters in project names * just for readability, or also for user confusion that might cause security issues?

* * issue to re-publicize the upcoming deadlines?

* ability to delete legacy docs * who should decide on the policy so we can move forward?

Ask Donald to:

Milestone progress

We've hit Milestone 1 and are on to Milestone 2! decouple testing/promotional tasks for Milestone 2 from milestone schedule


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