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    Sumana    Nicole    Laura     Dustin    Ernest  . Sumana
. Nicole
. Laura
. Dustin
. Ernest
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 *     - bug triage
 *     - Twine RtD fix PR https://github.com/pypa/twine/pull/297
 *     - sprint planning (Packaging WG email)
 *     - PR testing/review
 *     - helped volunteers via IRC/GitHub/email

* - bug triage
 * - Twine RtD fix PR https://github.com/pypa/twine/pull/297
 * - sprint planning (Packaging WG email)
 * - PR testing/review
 * - helped volunteers via IRC/GitHub/email
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 * Resolution: Sumana will update as cool-but-not-urgent  * Resolution: --(Sumana will update as cool-but-not-urgent)-- Ernest has created [[https://github.com/pypa/warehouse/pull/2995|a PR]]
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  * Ernest can grant Nicole and Dustin access to that repo
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  * Ernest can grant Nicole and Dustin access to that repo
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Warehouse Sync-up Meeting

Monday, Feb 19 2018


  • Sumana
  • Nicole
  • Laura
  • Dustin
  • Ernest

Current work/announcements/blocked:


  • - RIP productivity last two-weeks attending/catching up from PyTN. Was hot to trot Saturday morning when suddenly SPAM
  • - Kubernetes Object creation is all that remains for full end-to-end deployment via our new infra tooling.
  • - Blocker - [infrastructure deployment issue, requires Donald]


  • Wrapped up account management & milestone #1

  • Finished anything I can in Milestone #2
  • not really blocked on anything right now, working on PR review and stuff in Milestone 3
  • Also pushing forward PEP566, which will eventually enable Markdown support in Warehouse


  • finished manage account features (needs user testing)
  • issue 1354 - contributor ? package detail page
  • issue 2880 - ?
  • issue 2127 - accessibility issue - working on ui dropdowns - not accessible with keyboard
  • not blocked
  • working on talk proposal for EuroPython



Bug/PR triage

* https://github.com/pypa/warehouse/issues/2285 Rename "/legacy" url to something else

  • Currently milestone 4 (launch). Need to coordinate with: who? Packaging guide, twine, who else? And should we do this earlier, during the beta, to shake bugs out?
  • Ernest: Problem is client support, we've already changed the URL once... with much confusion/frustration. Making /v0 an alias to /legacy seems fine though (also trivial)

  • Dustin: Personally, I don't think we should do this
  • Sumana: comment with arguments

* Possible spamming of package namespace #2859 https://github.com/pypa/warehouse/issues/2859

  • user still has concerns
  • Ernest: PEP 541 or bust (this is strictly not a MOSS grant scoped issue.)
  • Sumana: update user to wait until PEP 541, give progress update

* https://github.com/pypa/warehouse/issues/2533 "499 Client Error: Client Disconnected for url: https://upload.pypi.org/legacy/"

  • Confusing user experience, unclear where problem originates
  • Ernest: Honestly no idea either. We're going to be moving the upload infra soon... so we'll probably solve and create a whole new host of similar issues. Unclear path forward.
  • Ernest: This _might_ be an issue with Heroku's HTTP routing. Not sure :/
  • Dustin: Seems like some existing issues were due to metadata failing validation? Need example distributions from affected users to be sure
  • Sumana - ask user for more details

* https://github.com/pypa/warehouse/issues/916 option to turn off indexing in robots.txt across instance (e.g., Test PyPI)

  • should we offer this at all? or should such an organization use devpi?
  • Ernest: Not sure what devpi has to do with this. The tl;dr is that the "test" instance of PyPI really has no need to be indexed by search engines.
  • Task: we should do this when we can.
  • Dustin: ditto, this is something we should do but is not crucial
  • Can be done using headers also -- add as a nice to have issue
  • Resolution: Sumana will update as cool-but-not-urgent Ernest has created a PR

* https://github.com/pypa/warehouse/issues/1000 Email all owners when a new owner/maintainer is added

  • Milestone 4: Launch?
  • Ernest: New Feature, falls into security/audit **Post-Launch**
  • Dustin: This is easy to do now. We should also send an email notification to newly added collaborators

* https://github.com/pypa/warehouse/issues/998 Send confirmation when email address changes

  • Milestone 4: Launch?
  • Ernest: New Feature, falls into security/audit **Post-Launch** (BUT GREAT IDEA)
  • Dustin: I punted on this in email management, would be good to do this post-launch

* https://github.com/pypa/warehouse/issues/997 Email all owners when a new version of a package is uploaded

  • Cool But Not Urgent?
  • Ernest: New Feature, falls into security/audit **Post-Launch**
  • Dustin: ditto

* https://github.com/pypa/warehouse/issues/469 Disallow runs of special characters in project names

  • just for readability, or also for user confusion that might cause security issues?
  • Ernest: This would require PEPs to be modified. Not in scope for MOSS grant work.
  • Resolution: Sumana to update noting it's not in scope for MOSS work

* https://pyfound.blogspot.com/2017/01/time-to-upgrade-your-python-tls-v12.html

  • issue to re-publicize the upcoming deadlines?
  • Ernest: Mehhhhhhhhhh our request rate for TLSv1.0 and TLSv1.1 is _orders of magnitude_ lower than TLSv1.2
  • Ernest: Outside scope of MOSS grant work, will affect all PSF services hosted behind Fastly. Will take this to Infra-WG+
  • Small number of users use outdated protocols - Ernest will ask PSF to tweet about it

* https://github.com/pypa/warehouse/issues/582 ability to delete legacy docs

  • who should decide on the policy so we can move forward?
  • Eric - wants a separate RTD instance for PyPI, but how do we know where users are coming from, and who can update those docs?
  • blocked on clear path forward on handling documentation, need docs url
  • Who can make authoritative decision - Packaging WG?
  • Ernest will send a message to Eric
  • PyPI not in business of hosting docs -- need division of who does what

Ask Donald to:

Milestone progress

We've hit Milestone 1 and are on to Milestone 2!https://github.com/pypa/warehouse/projects/1 decouple testing/promotional tasks for Milestone 2 from milestone schedule


  • add a nice to have issue for a "report spam" button
  • Ernest to talk to Infrastructure WG about TLS deadline
  • Ernest to talk to Eric about hosted documentation question (DONE)

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