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Packaging improvements that could be funded

This page lists specific things that

  1. the Python packaging community wants
  2. are fairly well-scoped
  3. would happen much faster if the Packaging Working Group got funding to achieve them


finish dependency resolver for pip

See pip issue #988 and #6536. This includes help with user experience, communications/publicity, and testing (including developing robust testing/CI infrastructure) as well as, potentially, core feature development and review.

Robust interoperability testing

We need funding to ensure core packaging tools work well with each other; currently they aren't seamlessly interoperable. See the integration-test project.

System for generic statuses/flags on projects on PyPI

See notes from this meeting. To scale up our anti-abuse moderation, we need to be able to, for instance, mark a release as deprecated or a project as unsupported. We need support to do the architectural design to implement this.

Feature flag system on PyPI

It's difficult to roll out new features gradually to our test site or to selected test users; a feature flag system would help us deploy more confidently. See this GitHub issue.

virtualenv rewrite

See virtualenv issue #697.

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