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=== Bylaws changes in 2016 ===

 * Change to turn sponsor members into sponsors (without voting rights): https://bitbucket.org/malemburg/psf-bylaws/diff/bylaws.md?diff1=ba846896778b&diff2=fa6ce90a3f1376b2708bf76d87c70813f96e010a&at=default; moved forward by Ewa Jodlowska and mostly implemented by Ned Batchelder.

=== Bylaws changes implemented for the new bylaws in 2014 ===

PSF Bylaws Working Group

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Convert the new membership model description from NewMembershipModel into bylaws changes.


Bylaws changes in 2016

Bylaws changes implemented for the new bylaws in 2014

Mailing List

Memberhip Model




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