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== Resources ==

 * Bitbucket repository with the new bylaws draft: https://bitbucket.org/vanl/psf-bylaws

 * Significant changes/proposals:

  - Addition of section "Section 5.14. Non-partisan Board": https://bitbucket.org/vanl/psf-bylaws/pull-request/3/non-partisan-board-requirement-using-the/diff

 * PDF with notes from before the repository was set up: [[attachment:PythonSoftwareFoundationBylaws_33223534-2013-10-09.pdf]]

 * PDF showing the diff between the current bylaws and the new proposal as-of 2013-10-09: [[attachment:PythonSoftwareFoundationBylaws_33223534-2013-10-09-diff-to-current.pdf]]

PSF Bylaws Working Group

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Convert the new membership model description from NewMembershipModel into bylaws changes.


Mailing List

Memberhip Model



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